Eisenberg v8

Pushing the

boundaries of power

3000cc V8
Power (road)
261 lb ft (353 Nm)
Top speed
225 mph + (unfaired)


5 years in the making

The project has been 5 years in the making so far, with lots of challenges encountered along the way, far more than any of the team had thought. Everything on the bike has been designed and made from scratch, including the engine, gearbox, frame and far more to cope with such high levels of power, yet package it within a compact usable motorbike format.

Quaife gearbox

The gearbox is a collaboration with gearbox experts Quaife that took over 2 years of designing and testing (patent pending). It is a small, strong compact gearbox offering 6 speeds, that counteracts the gyroscopic forces of the inline V8 with a reverse spinning clutch. The box is also combined with a rare concentric swingarm design with carefully designed anti-squat geometry to reduce chain tension issues, a system proven on our world record EISENBERG Turbine bike. The gearbox has swappable primary gears for different terminal speeds like a Moto-GP race bike, which importantly prevents changes in the anti-squat geometry. This allows a lighter DRZ-530 chain to be used, as opposed to a far heavier 630 chain that would cause more friction and loss of horsepower.

Jenvy throttle bodies

The bike achieves its amazing power without any supercharger or turbo. It is naturally aspirated and breathes through 8 independent Jenvy throttle bodies (ITB), controlled by a Motec M1 ECU offering full ‘ride by wire’, thus allowing riders to enjoy the superb power of the bike under different riding and weather conditions, via a simple menu controlled power map. There is the option of a twin carb airbox design, for a smoother riding style.

Extreme speed

Customers can choose between relaxed cruising to extreme speed and acceleration at the ‘flick of a button’. Its naturally aspirated high torque engine and fly by wire package make it friendly enough to ride in town, the rain or at top speed events at the weekend.


Displacement 3000cc
Power (road trim - unleaded) 400bhp (300 kw)
Torque (road) 261 lb ft (353 Nm) @ 9,500
Dry weight 280kg
Seat height 80cm
Compression 13:5:1
Rake 25.5 deg
Top Speed (unfaired) 225 mph +
Top Speed (faired, race) ≤ 250 mph

Designed from the ground up

There have been several exciting V8 motorbikes made over the years, but they have often being considered a compromised design solution. Big chevy V8 car engines have tons of torque, but are very heavy, large, long and not easy to move around, let alone reverse. Other more compact V8's have been made, but with gearbox and packaging frustrations, with cooling, charging and other issues a constant challenge on such a large aspirated engine. By creating a small, compac V8 engine and gearbox specifically for a motorbike, our engineers can iron out the issues, such as effective but compact radiator cooling, counteracting the gyroscopic engine forces by inline mounting the V8 on the bike (4 exhausts on each side). Most importantly, with a bike length of 1680mm, a length 25mm within other 'muscle bikes', shows how hard the design team have worked to package and design a V8 motorbike, that can deliver a fantastic, intoxicating ride, without being intimidating by length or weight.

Taking power to the next level

The special V8 engine has been designed in conjunction with some of the top engine designers in the UK to our special requirements. The V8 engine only weighs 88kg and will be capable of producing up to 480hp in race spec at 11,000 rpm when running race fuel or E85. In road trim, running 98 unleaded, power will be circa 400hp at rpm levels of around 9,500, with power more suited to road riding.

Not for the timid

Such high levels of power on a road bike, requires enough rubber to deliver the traction needed, which is why a high speed Michelin, 240/45/17 rear tyre puts power to the ground. The bike makes a statement even standing still, with 1500cc sticking out from each engine side (3000cc in total), 4 exhausts on each side (8 in total), two titanium Akrapovic silencers, a solid CNC billet swingarm and carbon fibre front and rear wheels, with a 240mm wide high speed tyre, a carbon fibre alternator cover, radiator cover, tank and tail. The bike shouts exotic and exclusive, before you've even turned the engine on...

Creating a legacy

The EISENBERG V8 bike, was designed as the crowing glory of petrol powered motorbikes. Unlike other concept bikes and cars, which can meet funding issues, shareholder demands and other complications, the EISENBERG V8 bike is fully funded, with no outside investors or bank debt. All design CAD, specifications and any spare parts will be kept and accessible to any registered owners for the future, so the bike can still be maintained, serviced and parts made.