Order your EISENBERG V8

The EISENBERG V8 engine has been designed in conjunction with some of the top engine designers in the UK to our special requirements. The V8 engine only weighs 88kg and is will be capable of producing upto 480hp in race spec at 11,000rpm when running high octane race fuel or E85.

Reserve Fee

Each bike will start at £135,000, with extras for customer requests, and exotic materials or personalisation. A reservation fee of £25,000 is required to hold your slot and number. The EISENBERG V8 will be strictly limited edition build, with each one numbered. Only 100 x EISENBERG V8 – 400hp road version will be made Bikes will only be sold to those who EISENBERG RACING (ER) feel are experienced riders and able to handle the power safely. Each handover will have the option to be done at a private airfield. Final specifications are correct as of Sept 2020, but may have to change, subject to ever changing UK, EU and USA regulations on motorbike emissions, noise, power and speed. If specifications have to change by +/- 10%, the customers will be given the option of cancelling the contract and receiving a full refund.


All reservation fees and deposits will be held in escrow in a private ring fenced account. Under no circumstances will deposits or reservations fees be used to ‘cash flow’ the company. ER is fully funded by its founder Zef Eisenberg. ER does not report to shareholders and does not have any bank debt or third party funding. We want customers to be fully confident and assured, that their money is safe. Bikes are designed and built for the pure passion and excitement of engineering, motorsports and sharing that passion with other like minded motorbike enthusiasts. When a bike is handed over, the money will be released from the ring fenced account. The safety and reassurance of your money is essential. If for any reason the company does not make or deliver your bike, your money will be returned in full, minus any small admin costs. As you can appreciate, you cannot change your mind, once your deposit/reservation fees has been paid.

Payment plan

£25,000 – reservation fee/deposits
£25,000 – Engine built and in frame
£25,000 – Gearbox built and bike half finished
£25,000 – Electronics finished
remainder before handover.
Total price £135,000 (Sept 2020)
+ any extras


Customers can be assured that a legacy plan is being put in place for the entire bike, covering design CAD, engine specifications, suppliers and every detail of the bike. In the event that anything happens to EISENBERG Racing or Zef Eisenberg, ER founder, that stops the company operating anymore, registered buyers of the motorbike, will be given access to a confidential data room to ensure continued service, repair and maintenance of the entire bike, including making any parts. The data room will only be able to be accessed by registered, known buyers, after signing a full NDA.


Each bike will come with 12 months warranty on parts and labour, including the first check and service. Anything major that goes wrong with the bike after that, such as frame, gearbox, electronics, will be covered by the company for three years, so long as the bike is used with respect*. Wear and tear parts, such as sprockets, chains, brake pads, oil change, filters, tyres will not be covered after 12 months. All bikes must be stored inside and not kept outside during bad weather, rain, snow or cold weather. Of course each bike can handle the rain, but a bike of this level, needs to be kept indoors and looked after well, with the lithium battery on trickle charge. You are buying a very special limited edition ‘race bike’ for the road. All warranty and repairs will be done in the UK. Bikes will be able to be collected and returned for a modest fee or shipping arranged to and from other countries if so required.

Respectful use* – The following actions will invalidate the warranty;
Long wheelies can cause oil starvation and will invalidate the engine warranty
Revving against the rev limiter, and excessive burnouts hitting the rev limiter, can cause engine damage on a race engine
changing gear without using the clutch – forced gearchanges – only use the quickshifter or/and clutch
Drag racing on a glue sprayed track, can cause gearbox damage
Stoppies can put undue stress on the front suspension and frame
off roading, sand racing or dirt riding, could cause issues to the electronics
However, fast, spirited riding and full power use at top speed events is what the bike was designed for.
The bike contains a full competition spec datalogger with internal ram memory.


You are buying a very special and rare bike that has had thousands of hours of engineering invested in the bike. With the increasing push to electric motorbikes and cars and the commitment by government to remove the combustion engine, along with; reducing co2, emission and noise, regulations will increasingly make a bike like the EISENBERG V8 nearly impossible to buy, other than ‘race only’ single commision at far greater costs. This will possibly be the last chance in history to ever own a bike of this engine size, power and engineering. You will be owning an engineering legacy to share at major motor sporting events and the new generation who will look upon it with awe. You will be buying history of the finest level – possibly the baddest, madest and most powerful road legal motorbike ever made.