At MADMAX Race Team we think it’s important to be thoughtful and think of the planet and all that stuff, so we would like to introduce our sensible staff car. It is a small 440cc, (300kg) Micro Car that offers 80 mpg… problem is it lacked the power to get up the hills in Guernsey. After some head scratching, we had no choice but to resolve this little power problem, by fitting one of our spare thrust turbines with a full after burner in the back…..

With a small Kuboto diesel engine in the front, that we modified to run on either Jet-A, Kerosense or basic pump diesel, it shares the same fuel as the turbine and afterburner, making it very practical and fully road legal….. well, until you ignite the After Burner that is!

Available for school runs, lighting barbecues and keeping you warm on cold winter days ?