Speed Freaks Wednesdays 9pm on ITV4 – the new and exciting TV show, presented by Zef Eisenberg will feature high powered cars, tuning, testing and how it all works, with top experts from the world of motorsports, drifting, electric powertrain and far more. The Speed Freaks mechanic and MADMAX engineering race team; Zef will work with; Martin, Tess and Simon to perform their amazing engineering, fabrication and tuning skills to transform cars from mundane to MADness.

During the new Speed Freaks multi episode TV show, the show will cover; suspension, stability, handling, big tyres, small tyres, and how that effects traction in different conditions from mud to sand to tarmac. The Speed Freaks team will look at; tuning, big bore kits, turbo’s, E85 fuel, race fuel and what is needed to create maximum power, boost and what may cause an engine to detonate and destruct. Speed Freaks will look at every tyre of driving and surface from rain, hills, sand and tarmac to see how the car performs good and bad.

The Speed freaks driver and presenter Zef Eisenberg, will be doing real tests, with GPS data to understand what power to weight ratio means, how making a car lighter can really help with acceleration. Speed Freaks will examine aero and how different levels of downforce can help grip, but hinder top speed. Speed Freaks is a TV show for motorsport enthusiasts like no other… the show will educate and interest the serious motorsport enthusiast all the way down to those with a passion for fast cars and crazy driving antics. The Speed Freaks team will test, build and drive what you always desired and wanted to do…

August – 2019 – Screened across ITV4 network in UK, Wales, Scotland, N.Ireland, Gibraltar
May – 2020 – Being screened in all Latin American countries on Discovery
June – 2020 – Being screened in all Caribbean countries on Discovery

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