MADMAX 1200hp Porsche Sand Racer

A special build to create the fastest ever ‘flying mile’ car on Pendine sands, Wales, using a 550 horsepower Porsche 911.1 Turbo S, as a donor car. The engine has been stripped and rebuilt from 3800cc to 4100cc. A Garret turbo three times bigger has been installed, titanium valves, billet oil pan, stronger gearbox, high torque PDK Dodson clutch, stronger driveshafts and much more. A full E85 fuel line conversion, E85 fuel pumps, flex fuel ability to allow unleaded and E85 without issues. E85 allows the engine to run far cooler at high boost levels, to help avoid detonation problems. With 1000hp + at the rear wheels, the car has to be built without compromise. With intense sand use, it makes sense to keep the OEM airbox, but with a performance air filter and far bigger inlet pipes. The turbo blow-off valves have also been routed back into the exhaust. The special 400mm grooved steel brakes have replaced the carbon ones to prevent the expensive carbon discs being destroyed on the sand. The whole car will run the latest Syvecs ECU, dash and EGT controllers and a vast array of sensors.

Safety is paramount; so a 6 point FIA roll cage has been fitted, along with door bar protecters, all without having to remove the interior or roof lining. To allow full FIA spec door bar protectors, we’ve fitted Porsche cup car carbon doors, weighing only 6kg each, as they provide far more room. Race seats and 6 point harness for both driver and passenger are also fitted. A fire suppressant engine bay system has been installed, along with an air mask for the driver. Even with a full race roll cage, race seats, harness, etc… the car is 148kg lighter than standard. With the interior still OEM, it’s got to be nicest interior of any full power spec race car, other than a Bugatti. You truly can drive to the shops and then the race track with this car.

During testing at Elvington Airfield, the car pulls hard. A lot of the dyno and track time has been spent getting the fuel maps working at the lower end for slow driving and under full power and boost with 1200hp +, as it’s still a road legal car. The car handles very nicely, without vibration or steering issues, if you ignore the ‘200mph wheel spins’ under full boost and throttle.  The Porsche was making tons of power effortlessly. During testing, the car easily pulled 220.8mph in a mile. A very gentle first run with low 14psi boost and 60% throttle, gave 187mph. With boost increased to 16.8psi, and a slow start, it gave 210mph, moving boost to 19.6psi, we got 220.8mph in a mile. We never used 7th gear, full boost or full throttle, and the 220mph was achieved using slow 7 seconds 0-60 times to simulate sand. We feel that for the Pendine sand record, 1000hp is more than enough, otherwise the car is likely to just sit there and spin the tyres! When it’s back from Sand Racing @ Pendine, we’ll have the ability to turn it up to 45psi with E85 race fuel – 1500hp!