210.33mph – Car Record – Pendine Sands – May 2019

‘Speed Freak’ Zef Eisenberg became the fastest person to ever drive a car on sand, clocking up 210.33 mph on a run at Pendine Sands in Wales. In May 2018, Eisenberg broke the land-speed record for a motorbike on sand, reaching 201.5 mph at the same location… but on Saturday 18th May, the 46 year-old went much better.

He set a new speed record by driving a specially modified 1200hp Porsche 911 Turbo at 210.332mph, (prepared by MADMAX Race Team and ES Motors).

On his very first run, with no practise, he set the;
– fastest one way record at 210.33mph
– fastest flying quarter (one way) wheel powered record at 206.492mph.
– fastest flying mile (one way) wheel powered record at 196.970mph.
– fastest flying mile (2 way) at 187.962mph.
– No one else on bike or car has gone faster or done over 200mph at Pendine bike and car.

On Zef’s 3rd run, he upped the power and was clocked on the GPS at 215mph (344kmh) 1/4 mile before the finish line, but the car lost traction, resulting in a multiple 360 spin at over 200mph for 1/2mile. The car stayed upright, zef was fine… but the limit of power v traction had been found…. so off to the pub the MADMAX Race Team went to celebrate their wins!