Autism 365

In May 2015, it was decided that if Zef was going to risk life and limb for a World land speed record, it made sense to do it for a good cause. The charity chosen was Autism 365, which is a Guernsey based charity, that works with the UK Autistic society, helping kids and adults with all levels of Autism from low end Autism to those with high performing Aspergers. The idea clicked as the ‘365’ directly converted from 365km into 228mph, giving us a good target to aim for, as a new world record, from our previous record of 224.9mph in August 2014. That speed was smashed when Zef reached a new one way top speed of 231.5mph for an upright bike (street-fighter) and 233.6mph for outright turbine bike top speed, and official 225.6mph ACU 2 way 1 mile British outright naked bike record. Zef is pleased to continue supporting Autism Guernsey.