Guernsey Skatepark

For over 20 years, Guernsey has been looking to create a dedicated skatepark for Skateboarders, BMXers and Scooter riders. When Zef was approached in 2011 to help organise and fund raise this community project, he immediately saw the potential of the idea.

Having been a skater in his youth, Zef was keen to provide the same benefits in Guernsey, in terms of fitness, being outdoors and creating new friends of a like minded nature, whilst giving Guernsey a unique tourist attraction for families. Extensive design work was done with the leading skatepark designers Gravity to create a park that would last for over 20 years and offer beginners and advanced alike world class facilties.

Maxicorp along with a group of other island businesses clubbed together and with extensive hard work via the Guernsey Extreme Sports Association (GXSA), the result was a £300k hand made concrete skatepark, built by UK skatepark experts Wold and opened by the Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey in May 2013.

The Guernsey skatepark is the largest concrete skatepark built in the British Isles within the last 10 years. Zef and his team still inspect the park and ensure it is in the same great condition, as it was in 2013.