The ‘EISENBERG V8’  – Possibly the world’s most extreme motorbike ever?

Rewriting the book on extreme motorbikes…

Very few engines evoke more feelings of power, sound and emotion than a V8. EISENBERG Racing have pushed the boundaries of madness, by creating an extreme V8 for our most serious project to date. The worlds most powerful and lightest ‘production’ V8 motorbike.

The special V8 engine has been designed in conjunction with some of the top engine designers in the UK to our special requirements. The V8 engine only weighs 80kg and is will be capable of producing 500hp in race spec at 10,500rpm running E85. The ‘road’ version will be just over 420hp, as it will be designed to run on unleaded 95.

The V8 engine has been designed for a motorbike, not an American car or some 1500lb American monster cruiser bike with poor handling. This bike will be designed without limitations or budget to create a genuine modern day muscle bike, with ‘normal’ weight, length and height.

So, how did we package such a small V8 into a motorbike? Most car V8’s, the ones you associate with ‘American muscle cars’ are a simple crossplane crankshaft design, which gives the typical ‘chevy v8’ burble, due to it’s uneven exhaust pulses. They are also much heavier and bulky by design. True light weight race bred V8’s generally have a flatplane crankshaft, which gives perfectly even exhaust pulses – like a Ferrari V8. Flatplane V8’s can rev much higher and easier (often double that of your typical burbly Chevy V8), meaning more HP from less cc (torque x rpm)/5252 = HP. Flatplane V8’s don’t burble, they scream, like an F1 car or Ferrari (also flatplane V8). A flatplane V8 is a more freely revving engine which is lighter, smaller and better primary balanced. But we didn’t stop there. To make it sound really great, the bike is fitted with eight independent throttle bodies with tuned trumpet lengths to give the best possible airflow and throttle response, which is essential for a highly responsive motorbike.

The project has been 4 years in the making so far, with lots of challenges encountered along the way, far more than any of the team had thought. Everything on the bike had to be designed and made from scratch, especially with such extreme levels of ‘every day’ power. The gearbox has taken over 2 years of designing and is now fully built, dyno tested and fitted. (and patent pending.) It is a very small compact gearbox offering 6 speeds, swappable primary gears like a GP race bike, counteracts gyroscopic inertia, and features a very rare concentric swingarm design causing no chain tension problems, as proven on the world record MADMAX Turbine bike. This allows a smaller 530 chain to be used and not a far heavier 630 chain that would cause more HP loss and friction.

The bike will achieve its amazing power without any nitrous or turbo, but be naturally aspirated and, will breath through 8 independent Jenvy throttle bodies, controlled by a bespoke ECU offering full ‘ride by wire’, thus allowing ‘regular’ riders to feel the awesome power of the bike without spitting them off. Expect top speed and acceleration to be mind blowing and like nothing experienced outside of the best land speed racing or quarter mile bikes, yet at the ‘flick of a button’, be friendly enough to ride in town or the rain. For very experienced riders, there will be a special red key, that when switched on, will allow full control of the bike without electronic intervention for insane acceleration and top speed.

The bike will be assembled in Guernsey, using our own experienced and highly professional team. The test bike is under going continuous testing on the dyno and secret roads to ensure the production bike is fit for purpose, especially in terms of clutch feel, handling, gearbox smoothness, ride-ability, engine cooling, etc….

Update 1: Elvington August 2015 – Land Speed Trials: The Eisenberg V8 with Rider Zef Eisenberg achieved 207mph in its first run, with the engine still being run in. The rest of the weekend, the bike performed many more runs, without issues. It was very well received.

Update 2: Prescott – 2016: The Eisenberg V8 with Rider Zef Eisenberg showed how the bike can navigate the tight, twisty hill of Prescott with ease. It was star of the show and well received.

Update 3: Guernsey July 2017 – Motorsport show: The MADMAX Paddock featured the Eisenberg V8 bike along with the best of the best in Guernsey. It was very popular and received keen interest from the biking and car community alike.

Update 4: 2018 – We have received considerable interest in the bike, with people wanting to place a deposit. The bike will cost in excess of £100k and be built without compromise on quality, or specification. If you want the world’s most crazy, superb and powerful road legal motorbike, guaranteed to turn heads, the EISENBERG V8 will do that.

Update 5: 2019 – Phase 2: To allow the bike to reach production, there is considerable amounts of; legislation, EC rules, emission controls, etc.. that need looking at. We have teamed up with a leading UK motorsport manufacture that works with the leading OEM’s to help us in this specialist area and do full testing on safety, durability and duty cycles. The long road to production is getting shorter.

For updates and getting your name on the waiting list, please email us at: [email protected]

Note: MADMAX and EISENBERG are registered trademark held by Maxicorp Ltd, with the UK and EU patent office across numerous classes.

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