MADMAX Rotax 2-Stroke Race Quad

Many of you will know of team MADMAX’s success on the Guernsey hill climb and twisty sprint, with our specially built 600cc Rotax 2-stroke from a snow mobile, running a race CVT drive. Everything is designed bespoke from the ground up, the frame, suspension, anti-roll geometry and more. It handles fantastically. Since it’s been on the hill from April 2015, its smashed every Quad record by seconds, holding the current all out record for quads at 33.78 secs for until 2018, and smashing the Petit Bot hill climb record by 5 secs on its first attempt.

The MADMAX quad has won numerous trophies with its expert rider Zef Eisenberg. The 600cc Rotax is capable of 125hp in race form (at the crank) in a snowmobile, but due to the limited space available on the quad, we have to use  sub-performance exhaust pipe, this lowers power to 80hp at the rear wheel (100hp at the crank). With a CVT drive and  no gear changing time loss, the acceleration is brutal. It is the fastest accelerating vehicle (bike or car) on the Guernsey hill climb with a 64ft time of 1.73 seconds, not even the race V8 champion single seaters can out accelerate it in the 64ft time.

The Quad utilises a bespoke anti-roll bar system, special billet brakes, anti torsion rear axle, Race Tech ECU and a tweaked 450 Yamaha fairing for looks… and yes it is fully road legal – but really only useful to get to the track and back, as it’s a quite extreme and not designed to cruise.